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An Unconventional Letter From The Agency’s Editor

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Let's rewind for a bit. When we ventured into this creative agency realm, we knew we were coming into this space very “unconventional.” The birth of authenticAAVERIagency was established by utilizing my “5-9” by doing what my passion has led me to do: Helping authentic brands and businesses achieve their soul-aligned business goals and collaborate with other like-minded creatives who want to continue to thrive and grow in their creative industry.

Well answer THE question, where have YOU been?

Shortly after my birthday (in May — shoutout to all the Tauruses out there) I made a call… a creative reset, more like a sabbatical if you will. For those scratching their heads thinking “why all of a sudden?” I wear two hats: During the day, I work as a content specialist in one of the largest community foundations in the U.S. — Think corporate philanthropy, nonprofits, public relations, social media marketing, strategy, content creation and all-around general support for the marketing and communications team.

By night, I serve as Founder & CEO of authenticAAVERIagency — a creative integrated marketing communications agency that helps authentic brands and businesses achieve their soul-aligned business goals as well as creating a space for creative professionals to thrive.

Admittedly, juggling these roles can be exhausting at times (as any job is) but equally rewarding. Although there is a stigma around “escape your full-time, live your dreams” but I full-heartedly believe that having a full-time job doesn't mean you giving up on your dreams — it's simply a different path towards achieving them. It's about finding a balance between stability and passion, leveraging the security of a full-time job while nurturing and dedicating time outside those hours to pursue what truly ignites your soul. Embracing both worlds doesn't signify compromise; instead, it's a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the determination to live a multifaceted and fulfilling life.

But what’s next now, Loren?

Because transparency is what we believe in — sharing not just the triumphs but also the quiet moments when creativity takes a moment to catch its breath. Our brief hiatus wasn’t just about recharging batteries or hitting a reset button. It was about pausing to redefine our creative compass, to rekindle the flame that ignited our passion for creativity in the first place.

During this off-season sabbatical, I found a renewed sense of purpose and re-direction. Immersing myself in learning new skills, revamping our agency’s website and exploring different aspects of creativity through personal creative projects — which I believe has enriched not just my understanding, but also my vision for authenticAAVERIagency. It was a period of growth and introspection and I am excited about the fresh perspectives it has given me for our journey ahead.

So, what's next now, you ask?

On top of maintaining somewhat of a work-life balance, the agency is always in the midst of planning exciting new projects and collaborations. I wanted to create more “evergreen” resources for brands and businesses (and even creatives) who may not have the time or budget for management or creative directed projects. We are officially offering digital resources for brands, businesses, and creatives to enhance their online presence and marketing strategies!

…So, stay tuned. We're back, refreshed and ready to dive into more creative chaos with you.

Yours in creativity — authentically,

Loren AAVERI | Founder & Creative Director of The Agency


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