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1:1 CREATIVE Coaching

Ignite inspiration & achieve creativity through personalized guidance for your creative journey.

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Virtual Consultation, SMART soul-aligned goal setting


Audit, optimization & creative strategy


Creative direction + planning, resources and tools


Check-ins, refine goals and measure insane results

From frustration, to fulfillment, allow us to help you overcome creative limitations.

With tailored strategies and empathetic guidance, creative coaching aims to empower individuals to recognize and overcome their limitations, unlocking a world of unexplored possibilities. We recognize that within every individual lies untapped potential and it's often the subtle nudges, tailored strategies as well as empowering insights that unlock these hidden reservoirs of creativity. 


By providing a supportive environment that encourages risk-taking and innovation, we aim to empower you to conquer obstacles, redefine limitations and step into the vibrant landscape of boundless creativity and fulfillment. Whether it's breaking through mental blocks, refining techniques, or amplifying innovative thinking, our coaching stands as a catalyst for your evolution from frustration to a profound sense of creative fulfillment.

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1/ What can I expect from a typical 1:1 creative coaching session?

Each 1:1 creative coaching session is uniquely tailored to your goals and challenges. Sessions often begin with a discussion to understand your specific needs, aspirations, and current obstacles. From there, we work together to create actionable steps, personalized exercises and strategies to address your concerns and enhance your creative journey. Sessions can include skill-building exercises, feedback on creative work, discussions about overcoming challenges and guidance on professional development within your creative field.

2 / How frequently should I schedule 1:1 creative coaching sessions and how long do they typically last?

The frequency and duration of coaching sessions depend on your individual needs and goals. Some individuals prefer bi-weekly sessions for consistent guidance and progress, while others may opt for monthly meetings. Sessions typically last 90 minutes, allowing sufficient time for in-depth discussions, skill-building activities and constructive feedback. Our flexible scheduling ensures that sessions align with your pace and availability, fostering a supportive environment conducive to your creative growth and development.

3 / Is this coaching suitable for specific creative disciplines or industries?

Our coaching is designed to benefit individuals across various creative fields and industries. Whether you're an artist, writer, designer, marketer or entrepreneur, the principles and techniques explored are adaptable and aimed at enhancing creative thinking, problem-solving, and innovation irrespective of the creative domain.

4 / How do I know if 1:1 creative coaching is right for me?

If you're feeling stuck, encountering recurring obstacles, seeking to expand your creative horizons, or aiming to overcome specific challenges hindering your creative process, our coaching can provide invaluable support. It's for anyone eager to delve deeper into their creativity, break through limitations and harness their full creative potential in a supportive and nurturing environment.

start your CREATIVE journey with us!

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